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Our Story

Welcome to SoualiganSlangs. We are more than just a company.

We are a passionate team of St-Martiners looking to promote our culture in new ways and in particular highlighting our local language also known as the St-Martenese. Our goal here is to showcase the culture of the island of St-Martin. We wish to do this first by showcasing slangs and phrases unique to the island.


Putting these “Slangs” on various items allowing them to be put in the spotlight and be even more frequently used in local households and hopefully some new ones.

Join us on this adventure, as together we learn more about our culture and own it !

Our Mission

We chose the name “Soualiga” to pay tribute to our forefathers who lived on our land before us.

You see, there are many « St-Martin’s » in the world, but there is only ONE Soualiga. Soualiga simply means land of salt.
Our culture as we hope to showcase in our work, will become “the salt” of the daily conversations our customers will have. Bringing that extra flavor to the palate and being used by all. A pinch of salt goes a long way.

Our slangs are full of history and we hope to be able to bring them alive, allowing them to be used in households around the world.

Through Soualigan Slangs, we hope to ignite the cultural pride that is so needed and as our slogan says so beautifully, allow each person to simply “Own Yuh Culture”.


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